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My assistant and I walked up the street,north face cyber monday heading for the Skytrain station. We had to pass by another group of young people,north face cyber monday deals and I discovered another part of the ritual. I had noticed that many taxis and cars were smeared with something white,north face cyber monday sales which I first thought was bird poop,the north face cyber monday and then,the north face cyber monday deals since I saw so much of it,north face cyber monday 2013 thought must be paint or clay. Wrong. Turns out it just flour,north face cyber monday sale and it smeared on your face for good luck.

I think I going to get outta Rio tomorrow though. I can take a lot more of the madness. I need to post up on a quiet beach and mellow out for a couple days. I heard of a nice place south of here a few hours called Paraty. Sounds like my next stop…

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